Andrew H. Paterson
Regents Professor
Director, Plant Genome Mapping Laboratory
Center for Applied Genetic Technologies, Rm 228
Phone Number:  706-583-0162

Ph.D Plant Genetics, Cornell University 1988

Research Projects: 

My lab studies intrinsic genetic properties that make plants different from other organisms and from one another. In particular, selected plants have become crops because of unique attributes that also make them valuable as botanical models. Crop genetics thus offers the opportunity to increase basic scientific knowledge and apply it to contemporary needs. Our priorities are to explore basic principles of genetics and evolution in the genomes of angiosperms, and to accelerate assembly of the genomic frameworks that will permit such principles to be applied to the study and improvement of major crops.

Grant Support: 
  • Dr Paterson has secured $28.2 million, including $18.5 million as Principal Investigator (40% of which supported his colleagues), and $9.7 million as coinvestigator
    on awards totaling $38.1 million to his colleagues. He has secured two competitive training grants of $108,000 (PI) and $1.6 million (co-PI), one regional economic development grant ($600,000), and has helped 37 scholars to secure $1.24 million to study in his lab. He is the PI on a non-cash award (est. $8 million) from the US Dept of Energy Joint Genome Institute Community Sequencing Program‟ to sequence the 736 Mb sorghum genome, and two non-cash
    awards (est. $2 million) to initiate (1.5 Gb) sequencing of Gossypium raimondii.
  • CGIAR-Generation Challenge Program. Discovery and development of alleles contributing to sorghum drought tolerance. 10/08-9/11.
  • National Science Foundation. The evolution of gene position and function inArabidopsis. 10/08-9/12.
  • National Science Foundation PGRP. Comparative and evolutionary genomics of cotton. 1/09-12/13.
  • National Science Foundation-PFI. Scaling a new adaptive peak for cotton. 9/09-8/12.
  • National Science Foundation-DBI. Plant Genome Duplication Database. 9/09-8/12.
  • DOE-USDA. Accelerating the domestication of Miscanthus. 9/09-8/12.
Of Note: 
  • Int‟l Cotton Genome Initiative Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cotton Genomics 2010
  • Lamar Dodd Research Award, UGA. 2009.
  • Fellow, AAAS. 2008.
  • Co-chair & Chair, Structural genomics workgroup, Intl Cotton Genome Initiative. 2007-10.
  • James Irvine Memorial Scholarship Fund, Oversight committee. 2007-date.
  • Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, Plant Sciences. 2007-8.
  • Cotton Genetics Research Award, National Cotton Council. 2008.
Recent Publications: 
  • Ying Bao, Guanjing Hu, Lex Flagel, Armel Salmon, Magdalena Bezanilla, Andrew Paterson, Zining Wang, and Jonathan Wendel 2012 Parallel upregulation of the profilin gene family following independent domestication of diploid and allopolyploid cotton (Gossypium). PNAS 108 (52):21152-21157.
  • Yupeng Wang, Xiyin Wang and Andrew H Paterson 2012. Genome and gene duplications and gene expression divergence: a view from angiosperms. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences May;1256:1-14. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2011.06384.x.
  • Yupeng Wang, Haibao Tang, Jeremy D. DeBarry, Xu Tan, Jingping Li, Xiyin Wang, Tae-ho Lee, Huizhe Jin, Barry Marler, Hui Guo, Jessica C. Kissinger and Andrew H. Paterson. 2012. MCScanX:  a toolkit for detection and evolutionary analysis of gene synteny and collinearity. Nucl. Acids Res. 40(7):e49.
  • Bhosale, Sankalp U, Benjamin Stich, H. Frederick Rattunde W, Eva Weltzien, Bettina IG Haussmann, C. Thomas Hash, Punna Ramu, Hugo E Cuevas, Andrew H Paterson, Albrecht E Melchinger and Heiko K Parzies. 2012. Association analysis of photoperiodic flowering time genes in West and Central African sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench]. BMC Plant Biology 12:32 (doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-32). (ICRISAT RP-DC’s Outstanding Scientific Article Award, 2012).
  • Changsoo Kim, Dong Zhang, Susan A. Auckland, Lisa K. Rainville, Katrin Jakob, Brent Kronmiller, Erik J. Sacks, Martin Deuter, and Andrew H. Paterson. 2012.  SSR-based genetic maps of Miscanthus sinensis and M. sacchariflorus, and their comparison to sorghum. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124(7):1325-1338.
  • The International Tomato Genome Sequencing Consortium (321 authors, including X. Wang, J. Li. H. Guo, T-H. Lee, Y. Wang, D. Zhang, H. Tang, A.H. Paterson). 2012. The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution. Nature 485:635-641.**Cover article.
  • Q. Yu, P. Moore, R. Paull, M. Wang, J. Zhu, M. Schuler, J. Jiang, A. H. Paterson, R. Ming.  2012. Genome of papaya, a fast growing tropical fruit tree. Tree Genetics and Genomes 8 (3): 445.
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  • Tae-Ho Lee, Haibao Tang, Xiyin Wang and Andrew H. Paterson. 2012. PGDD: A comprehensive database for investigations into the functional and evolutionary consequences of gene and genome duplication, using angiosperms as a model. Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gks1104.
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