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I am most interested in unraveling the complex ways in which common forest disturbances (such as wind damage and fire) can interactively influence forest regeneration. Currently, my research focuses on how wind damage can alter the amount and type of forest fuels which can lead to dramatic changes in fire behavior. I am also monitoring whether the combination of wind and fire disturbances can alter the path of forest recovery.

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Community Ecology, Disturbance Ecology

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Chris J. Peterson

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My research interests encompass two main areas: 1) forest wind disturbance and regeneration, 2) tropical post-agricultural succession. Relative to forest wind disturbance, I study not only the immediate physical and ecological consequences of windstorms, but also the patterns of regeneration after the disturbance. Relative to tropical succession, I have been documenting both the long-term (10 years and more) pattern of forest regrowth, and the factors driving that pattern, in five sites in premontane tropical wet forest in southern Costa Rica.