Major Professor: 

Russell L. Malmberg


Associate Dean of Franklin College of Arts & Sciences My current research interests are in the broad areas of bioinformatics and plant evolutionary/ecological genetics. Will Rogers and I are studying the genetics, evolution, and ecology, of the insect-eating pitcher plants (Sarracenia species). Most of my bioinformatics work is in collaboration with Liming Cai of the Computer Science Department to develop methods of modeling and searching genomes for non-coding RNAs.

Research Projects: 

I'm interested in evolution of species interactions using the carnivorous plant genus, Sarracenia. These plants interact with insects in numerous ways (e.g. prey, herbivores, pollinators) and also have a 'gut' microbiome that aids in the digestion of prey. My research, specifically, focuses on plant-prey-microbe interactions.

Recent Publications: