Magdy S. Alabady
Assistant Research Scientist
Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 2101
Phone Number:  706-542-6503
Office/Lab:  Miller Plant Sciences, Rm 4505 & GGF Rm 155A
Phone Number: 
  • Ph.D. Plant Functional Genomics, Cairo University-Egypt
  • M.S. Plant Molecular Genetics, Cairo University-Egypt 2001
  • B.S. Botany and Chemistry, Mansourah University-Egypt 1994
Research Projects: 

     The focus of my research is to identify and understand the role of intermediate RNA regulatory networks in the development of plant cells and their interactions with other species. We use transcriptomics data and computational biology to decipher RNA regulatory networks at three levels: plant single-cell, conserved regulatory networks across plant species and trans-kingdom cross-talk. My research includes large scale experiments and data mining. My computational analysis approache integrate 1) mRNA expression, 2) sRNA expression (miRNA, siRNA), 3) lncRNA expression, 4) sRNA—mRNA interactions, 5) sRNA—lncRNA interactions, 5) lncRNA—mRNA interactions, and 6) sRNA-directed cleaved mRNA accumulations. The general strategies are to correlate RNA networks in space and time to interpret function, and to use cross-species comparisons to identify conserved and co-evolved regulatory networks.

Recent Publications: 
  • Assistant Research Scientist, Georgia Genomics Facility (GGF)

  • Bioinformatics consultant with the Quantitative Biology Consulting Group (QBCG), Institute of Bioinformatics (IOB), UGA 

  • Faculty member of the Plant Center, UGA

  • Faculty member of the Bioenergy Sceiences Research Institute (BSRI), UGA

  • Faculty associate with the center for Archaeological Sciences (CAS), UGA

  • AAAs/Science

  • American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)