Sarah F. Covert
Professor - Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Associate Dean Academic Affairs
Forest Resources, Rm 527
Phone Number:  706-542-1385

Ph.D. , University of Wisconsin - Madison 1990

Grant Support: 
  • “Allele Discovery for Genes Controlling Economic Traits in Loblolly Pine”, USDA
  • “Biotechnology Approaches to the Control of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome”, United Soybean Board
  • “Biocontrol of Annosum Root Disease”, Georgia Traditional Industry Program in Pulp and Paper.
  • “Nectria haematococca MPV1: a Candidate for Fungal Genome Sequencing”, DOE Joint Genome Institute
Of Note: 
  • Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, Warnell School of Forest Resources, 2003
  • Lilly Teaching Fellow, 1994-1995
Recent Publications: 
  • Morse, A.M., Nelson, C.D., Covert, S.F., Holliday, A.G., Smith, K.E. and J.M. Davis. 2004. Pine genes regulated by the necrotrophic pathogen Fusarium circinatum. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 109: 922-932.
  • Warren, J.M., and S.F. Covert. 2004. Differential expression of pine and Cronartium quercuum f. sp. fusiforme genes in fusiform rust galls. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 70: 441-451.
  • Shiflett A., J. Enkerli, and S.F. Covert. 2002. Nht2, a copia LTR retrotransposon from a conditionally dispensable chromosome in Nectria haematococca. Current Genetics 41: 99-106.
  • Tsuchiya D., A. Matsumoto, S. F. Covert, C. R. Bronson, and M. Taga. 2002. Physical mapping of plasmid and cosmid clones in filamentous fungi by fiber-FISH. Fungal Genetics and Biology 37: 29-38.
  • Kelkar, H.S., J. Griffith, M.E. Case, S.F. Covert, R.D. Hall, C.H. Keith, J.S. Oliver, M.J. Orbach, M.S. Sachs, J.R. Wagner, M.J. Weise, J.K. Wunderlich, and J. Arnold. 2001. The Neurospora crassa Genome: Cosmid libraries sorted by chromosome. Genetics 157: 979-990.