About our Graduate Program

We pride ourselves in the breadth and depth of training opportunities in both research and teaching that we provide our graduate students in the Plant Biology program. Our faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in all levels of biology, from biochemistry to global change. Faculty listed by broad research areas can be found here (http://www.plantbio.uga.edu/research), but keep in mind that many of our faculty have interdisciplinary research programs that span traditional areas.  Incoming students have the opportunity to rotate through two or three lab groups before deciding on a faculty advisor for their dissertation, allowing students to sample this breadth directly.

We also highly value teaching excellence among our faculty and students, and prioritize training opportunities for students interested in improving their pedagogical skills. All students have opportunities to serve as teaching assistants, but those with a particular interest in teaching can pursue a Graduate Certificate in Teaching and work with experienced teaching faculty to develop independent teaching projects.

If interested in UGA Plant Biology for Fall 2018, please check out our department's brochure and email advertisement!  And, in the next few weeks, we anticipate rolling out the new Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS) portal for PhD students that allows you to submit just one application that provides access to faculty in UGA Plant Biology and 7 other programs with just one application.  Admitted students will have the opportunity to rotate through 3 labs in fall of 2018 before settling in a chosen department and lab.  More details will be available in the near future, so check often!  You can also email faculty for more details.

We are always eager to include highly qualified and motivated students in our program and look forward to reviewing your completed application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shu-Mei Chang
Graduate Coordinator
Email: smchang@uga.edu 
Phone: 706-583-8026