The Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate core curriculum in Plant Biology is aimed at giving students a broad understanding of plant biology with experience in chemistry, physics and mathematics. In addition to courses in plant biology, the undergraduate major will take core biology classes including biochemistry, genetics, evolution and ecology. Advanced plant biology classes are typically restricted in enrollment for more interactive learning and include both laboratory experience and lectures. Independent research is an important option available to advanced undergraduates. Directed study in the field or laboratory with a faculty member on a specific research topic gives the student first-hand experience with the actual process of botanical investigation.

Undergraduate research

The best way to learn about science is to help professionals as they acquire new knowledge in the laboratory or at field sites. Plant Biology faculty welcome undergraduate participation in research projects. By working "in the trenches" along side faculty, graduate students and research fellows, undergraduates discover how science is really done, and at the same time, receive academic credit for their efforts.

Career opportunities

Careers in Plant Sciences are numerous and diverse. They include research at universities, government laboratories and at biotech companies; teaching at the high school, college or university level; management and interpretaion as staff biologists with state and federal agencies; and adminitration and sales with plant and plant product related industries. An undergraduate major in plant biology also provides a strong background for graduate-level study in plant biology and other biological sciences.