Xiaoyu Zhang
Associate Professor
Plant Sciences, Rm 4520
Phone Number:  706-542-4822
Office/Lab:  Plant Sciences, Rm 4409
Phone Number: 

Ph.D Plant Molecular Biology, Epigenetics and Genomics, University of Georgia 2003

Research Projects: 

The current research in my lab is directed to understand the establishment and maintenance of histone modifications in plants, their roles in regulating gene expression and development, and how they have contributed to the evolution of gene and genome functions. We use Arabidopsis and rice as model systems and employ a wide range of approaches, including genetic, molecular biology, biochemistry and genomic tools such as high-throughput sequencing and high-density tiling microarrays.

Selected Publications: 
  • Sequeira-Mendes (2014) The Functional Topography of the Arabidopsis Genome is Defined by Nine Chromatin States that Associate in a Small Number of Motifs. The Plant Cell (in revision)
  • Zhang X. (2014) Delayed Gratification – Waiting to Terminate Stem Cell Identity. Science 343(6170):498-9
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