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PBIO Administrative Procedures

Calendars & Reservations

Conference rooms, vehicles, core facilities, and laptops can be reserved by calling or emailing one of the office staff. Everyone else can view availability by adding the calendars to their mail/calendar client of choice. The calendars use the iCal format and are easily tied into Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, and Apple Calendar program. Any of the IT team members should be able to assist you in adding it to your computer at any time.


Department Seminars

Departmental seminars normally occur every Monday at 4:00PM in room 2401 Miller Plant Sciences Building. Speakers for these seminars can be visiting scientists, faculty members, postdoctoral students, Adjunct or Courtesy Faculty and our Ph.D. candidates completing their degrees. Refreshments will be provided starting at 3:45PM outside room 2401.

Seminars afford each of us an opportunity to keep up with diverse areas of Plant Biology and the coffee period before seminars provides the opportunity to talk with departmental colleagues outside your immediate circle. All graduate students and faculty are expected to attend these seminars for their own professional development and as a courtesy to the speakers. Students must enroll for PBIO 8830 every semester unless you are approved by your major professor to be absent for field work. Students are required to attend 2/3 of the seminars to pass the course.

A graduate student lunch at 12:30 at the Savannah Room is scheduled for every outside seminar speaker.


Departmental Visitors 

The Department will reimburse dinner meals with official Departmental visitors up to $160, for a maximum of 4 persons including the guest. This includes any gratuity. The Department will reimburse lunch or breakfast meals up to $20 per person for a maximum of 4 persons, including gratuity. Reimbursement for alcohol is not allowed. You must provide a detailed, original receipt in order to be reimbursed, do not submit a credit card receipt only.


Departmental Vehicles

The Plant Biology Department maintains five vehicles: one Suburban, three station wagons, one Ford Explorer SUV (with 4WD). These vehicles are available for use by the Department subject to the following regulations:

1. To use a vehicle, you must make a request to Whitney (or Chelsea or Stephanie if Whitney is away). Whitney will keep the vehicle keys and will maintain a vehicle log.

2. You are responsible for the vehicle during the time you are using it. Specifically:

  • All trash must be removed from the vehicle, and the vehicle must be swept out if dirt has been tracked in. If a vehicle is dirty when you go to use it, notify Whitney so that the responsibility can be assigned to the previous user.
  • Do not return a vehicle with the gas tank below ½. If the vehicle is below ½ you must take it to the motor pool (near the Plant Biology Greenhouses) and fill it with fuel. You will need the fuel card (located in the glove compartment) and your UGA ID to get gas. Check the oil or have it checked each time you add gas.
  • If you notice that something is wrong with the vehicle, please tell Whitney when you return. You need to report anything that is not working, any suspicious noises, any accidents, etc. The Department will maintain the vehicles, but we need to know of problems in a timely fashion so that we can have them fixed.
  • You must return the keys to Whitney immediately after using the vehicle. e. NO SMOKING IN UGA VEHICLES. If you do not use the vehicles responsibly, you may be denied further use.

3. You may request a specific vehicle, but Whitney will decide which is the most appropriate vehicle for your use. In general, we will try to reserve the newer vehicles for “clean” trips, such as picking up someone at the airport or traveling to a meeting.


Available Photographic Equipment

Three Nikon Coolpix digital cameras (the 990, 8700 and 5000) and a Sony Handycam video camera are available for research purposes. Tripods are also available for use. See Gretchen.

Equipment - Off-Campus

To take a piece of UGA equipment off campus, you must request an off-campus-use-of-equipment authorization. Log into RUSS with your MyID and password and select “Off-Campus Equipment Request”. Click the “Add line” button and enter the Property Control number from your piece of equipment where it says “Inventory Number”. Please complete the rest of the form and submit it to Whitney Holladay for approval or further review. Please remember any UGA Property (especially laptops) CANNOT be removed from campus until it has been tagged with an Inventory Control number decal from Property Control and the off-campus-use authorization is in place.


Equipment Repairs

Approval must be obtained through the Procurement office before any repairs are actually performed. Do not attempt to get repairs done without first checking with Gretchen.

Equipment Surplus

Broken, unnecessary, and outdated equipment can be surplused once a “Surplus Equipment Transfer List” form is completed. The form can be found at the administrative forms website Submit the completed form to Stephanie who will organize a pick-up.


Equipment Transfers

When transferring equipment to another department, a “Notice of change in Departmental Equipment” form must be completed. When a PI transfers to another institution and wishes to take equipment associated with an ongoing sponsored project to the new institution a “Request for Transfer of Equipment” form must be completed. Upon completion, the form must be turned in to Whitney Holladay. Both forms are on the administrative forms website:

Guest Parking Visitor

Parking codes can be obtained by completing a Department Guest Pass Order Form (link): Choose “Permits”. Scroll down to “Departmental” and find the order form. The form can be faxed to Parking Services at 2-6301. Parking Services will email the “code” and instructions for using the code at the Carlton Street parking deck.

The Department purchases a limited number of passes to be distributed to visitors who benefit the Department (i.e. seminar speakers). See Stephanie for this code.


Keys/Building Access

Contact Gretchen in Room 2506, or Whitney in room 2502 for keys. Professors need to email Gretchen or Whitney with the name of the person receiving a key, specify the keys they are allowed to receive and if they will need after-hours and weekend building access. If Gretchen is not available, see Whitney or Stephanie for keys. There is a $10 deposit per key for all undergraduate students, graduate students and temporary employees.

Graduate student desk key deposit is $12 per key. Duplication of any lost key will result in the loss of your deposit. Please return the keys when you leave the Department and your deposit will be refunded.



We have an excellent science library in the Boyd Graduate Research Center. New journals are placed on the tables daily. New books are placed on separate shelves before they are put in the stacks. The librarians will show you where these two areas are located. If you go to the libraries and are unable to find journals or books that you need in your work, or you see advertisements for new books you feel would be useful, please bring them to the attention of the department head and she will have them ordered by the library. The UGA Science library has created a Plant Biology specific library page for us, found at The page has pertinent information such as popular journals and e-books used in the field of plant biology.



Campus and U.S. mail comes to the department once a day in the afternoon, Monday through Friday by 3:00PM. Our mail handling facilities are for professional use; the Department does not pay postage on personal mail. Do not have personal mail sent to your departmental address.

Office Staff

Our office staff consists of: A Business Manager III, Gretchen Bowen is responsible for office procedures, personnel, payroll and budgetary matters A Senior Accountant, Amanda Cummings’ primary responsibilities include handling purchase requests for research and teaching supplies and keeping books on departmental, sponsored research grants, and Foundation accounts, and processing faculty travel requests (and student travel not through the Graduate School). An Administrative Specialist II, Stephanie Chirello, is the assistant to the Department Head, she is the Facilities Management liaison, and organizes departmental events, An Admissions Counsellor II to the Graduate Coordinator, Chelsea Hargroves. Her primary responsibilities include processing admissions, undergraduate assistant and Graduate School travel requests, An Administrative Associate I, Whitney Miller, handles mail distribution, issues keys, seminar speaker notices, travel arrangements and reimbursements for visiting lecturers, duplication of materials, vehicle checkout and reserving computers and projectors, as well as handing out basic office supplies and ordering other needed supplies, For your convenience, mailboxes for the office staff are located in the mail room. The computers in the main office should not be used by students or faculty.



1. All departmental photocopying is done on the copier in the departmental mail room 2502C. You may submit class material for copying by the office staff, or you may do it yourself. If you want the office staff to do the copying, you should check with Whitney.

2. All copying must be charged to a specific source. The three possible sources are departmental supplies and expenses, personal or classes. Material to be charged to the department must be related to administration, such as lecture schedules, laboratory exercises, grants, manuscripts, departmental notices, minutes of meetings and similar items.

3. Each faculty member who has a research grant will be provided with an authorization code. Students should use their major professor’s authorization code.

4. Personal copying may be done with a personal authorization code (see Whitney for code), but must be paid for immediately when Amanda places the bill in your mailbox (6 cents per copy). Amanda bills for copies at the end of each semester. We ask that faculty and teaching assistants not send students in their classes to the office to do copying; the office machines are already too busy.

Sending Packages via FedEx or UPS

If you need to send any packages for your lab, there are two options.

1. Regular FedEx labels are available in the PBIO mailroom in a drawer labeled FedEx. FedEx International labels are available from Whitney. All FedEx forms have a space for Internal Billing Reference. This MUST be filled in with your lab’s account number if the shipment is being charged to PBIO. Please double check all labels to be sure the correct information is entered and is legible. Bring FedEx shipments to Whitney no later than 1:30PM. FedEx does not pick up packages unless they receive a pick up request. Pick up requests have to be called in by 2PM to guarantee same day pick up. If you cannot meet this deadline, you can take your package to a nearby FedEx drop off location.

2. UPS shipping is different than FedEx in that we have an online Campus Ship account system. If you would like to ship via UPS, check if your lab has an existing account, if not, please contact Amanda and she will set up an account for you. She will need a default lab account number to charge your packages to. You will be emailed by UPS Campus Ship to verify your account and then you will login using their site to create shipping labels for your packages. UPS is the preferred shipping company of the University. There is a UPS drop box in the Mail Room where you can place your packages by 3PM every day. A UPS delivery man will come by every afternoon to check for outgoing packages, so there is no need to call in a pick-up as with FedEx.


Use of Telephones

All faculty offices and most laboratories have telephones available for persons occupying or working in that space. Lab phones are the means to communicate with the PBIO main office regarding received packages, request vehicle use or reserve conference rooms. The phones may be used for campus and local calls without any charges over and above the monthly service charge. For all long distance calls in the U.S., begin your dialing with a 9-1 and then the area code and number. Calls to outside the U.S. dial 9 then 011 and then the country code, city code, and local telephone number. The Department has one telephone line dedicated to faxing documents via our departmental copier (706-542-1805). The office staff can instruct you on how to use the FAX function on the departmental copier. Whitney Miller checks for incoming faxes daily and will forward them to you via email. Contact Whitney to request changes or report a problem with your phone. If your phone needs repair and Whitney is not available, go to the Repair website, select Incident/Repair, complete the form and submit your repair request electronically.


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