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2022 Graduate Student Accomplishments

Saturday, December 31, 2022 - 8:00am
Grad students

We congratulate our graduate students for all their hard work and accomplishments this year. Our students secured over $29,300 of research and travel funding plus two NSF Graduate Research Fellowship awards.  They also published 6 research articles and presented 13 conference talks and posters in 4 different countries and 5 different states. Beyond research, Plant Biology graduate students also participated in public and academic outreach events with 11 different organizations. Congratulations to Andy Murray, Ashely Earley, Mason Mcnair, and Rachel Perez-Udell who graduated with their PhD in 2022.  

Accomplishments (in alphabetical order): 

  • Ethan Baldwin: International Travel Grant UGA Graduate School 
  • Max Barnhart: AAAS Mass Media Fellowship, publications in Plant Direct and PLOS ONE, Co-editor and Chief Athens Science Observer 
  • Philip Bentz: International Travel Grand UGA Graduate School, Agavoideae Conference & Bioinformatics Workshop, Botany Conference, Plant Center Retreat, EDGE, PBGSA President   
  • Summer Blanco: Plant Center DIGG, Agavoideae Conference and Bioinformatics Workshop, Botany conference, American society of Plant Biology conference, VP Athens Science Café  
  • Brandi Celia-Sanchez: publication in G3 
  • Yen-Ho Chen: Summer Research Grant UGA Graduate School, UGA Graduate School recognition for building community  
  • Derek Denny: Botanical Society of America grant, UGA Graduate School recognition for building community 
  • Michelle Henson: NSF GRFP, PBIO Palfrey Grant, PBIO Haines Award, Associate Editor Athens Science Observer  
  • Chazz Jordan: NSF GRFP, Plant Center DIGG, PBIO Haines Award 
  • Kelly McCrum - Summer Research Grants UGA Graduate School 
  • Yelena Pacheco: International Travel Grant UGA Graduate School, UGA Entomology Department Travel Grant, publication in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, International Firefly Symposium, Entomological Society of America conference 
  • Jacque Peña: publication in Yeast, Fungal Genetics conference, Evolution conference, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics conference, SEPEEG 
  • Mia Rochford: Summer Research Grant UGA Graduate School  
  • Brent Shuman: UGA Graduate School recognition for building community  
  • Patrick Smallwood: Sharitz-Hatfield Fellowship, publication in Diversity  
  • Samantha Surber: FFAR Fellowship 
  • Riley Theon: Athens Science Observer  
  • Piotr Tuczapski: Botanical Society of America grant, American Orchid Society grant 
  • Anna Wyngaarden: PBIO Palfrey Grant, PBIO Haines Award, USFWS Grant, Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance Symposium, Plant Center Retreat 
  • Limeng “Momo” Xie: Best Fast Forward Talk North American Plant Phenotyping Network, Gerald O. Mott Award Crop Science Society of America 

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