On Campus Teaching and Research Facilities

Bioscience Learning Center (BLC)

The Bioscience Learning Center is located in room 406 of the Biosciences Building is a computing lab open to all students.  The Center has 39 MAC computers for students to use to access email, eLearning Commons, or the Internet.  The BLC does not accept cash, only Bulldawg Bucks.  The BLC also serves as an instructional resource for faculty teaching classes in the Division.  Faculty may put articles on reserve for students to read in the BLC or photocopy.  Any faculty member who wishes to drop off reserve items must bring 2 copies to the Program Coordinator’s office at least 3 days before the items need to be made available.  Reserve items should be labeled with the instructor’s name, course prefix/number, and the session.  The BLC also has video tapes on reserve that faculty may check out for use in their classes.  A complete list of the reserve videos may be obtained from the front counter of the BLC.

Some instructional equipment is also available for checkout within the Biosciences building.  The BLC maintains 3 TV/VCR carts, 2 slide projectors, and 2 overhead projectors.  Equipment cannot be guaranteed unless you call and reserve it 24 hours ahead of time.  If you need any other equipment, or need the equipment for a different building, contact Instructional Support and Development.

If you have any questions, please call the Program Coordinator’s office at 706-542-8741 or the front counter of the BLC at 706-542-6351.  During fall and spring, the BLC is generally open from 8:30AM to 7:00PM Mon- Friday.  The BLC closes at 5PM during the summer.

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) – http://www.ctl.uga.edu/

The CTL is located in the Instructional Plaza between the Journalism and Psychology buildings on campus.  By coordinating a wide variety of programs and activities, CTL serves faculty, administrators, and graduate teach assistants (TA’s) in each of the University’s schools and colleges.  Teaching is promoted as a fundamental enterprise at UGA through numerous campus-wide activities.  These include instructional grants, consultation services, faculty and TA development programs, publications, activities planning, and teaching resources and media services.  In addition, seminars, workshops, and conferences that address a wide range of topics are offered throughout the year.  Since its inception, CTL has sought to promote vitality among faculty and administration and to foster an institutional climate that reinforces excellence in teaching and learning.

Computer Center

The Computer Center is located on the 1st floor of the Boyd Graduate Studies Building.  Non-grant use by Plant Biology faculty and students should be cleared with Richard Hard and the department head.

Electron Microscopy Lab

The Electron Microscopy Lab is located in room 152, Barrow Hall, is a University-wide facility designed to provide a variety of equipment.  Equipment available includes two transmission electron microscopes (one with full tilting goniometer, STEM and x-ray detection capabilities), one scanning electron microscope (equipped to examine conventional or frozen specimens using either secondary or backscatter electrons and x-ray micro analysis), a laser scanning confocal microscope, a freeze-fracture device, microtomes, and other support equipment.  Interested users should contact Beth Richardson scopedog@uga.edu

Bioexpression & Fermentation Facility

The Bioexpression & Fermentation Facility is located in the Life Sciences bldg.

Instrument Shop

The Instrument Shop is located at the intersection of Whitehall and Milledge.

Glass Shop

The Glass Shop is located in the Chemistry Building.

Monoclonal Antibody Facility

The Monoclonal Antibody Facility is located in the Vet Medicine building, DW Brooks Drive.  Ruth Davis is the lab coordinator.  We do not have standing accounts with all of these units.  Each service unit has forms which must be brought to the Department for a signature.  Before going to any of these units, you must get authorization from Gretchen for any charges against a departmental account.  Computer Center accounts are scheduled by Richard Hare.

Marine Facilities

Marine facilities are available to department personnel. The University system has two marine stations: Skidaway Institute of Oceanography and the University of Georgia Marine Institute on Sapelo Island. Skidaway is the larger facility with marine research in diverse areas including biology, chemistry and geology. Limited marine research in the Plant Biology Department is centered on Sapelo Island. The Marine Institute has six staff members, a number of graduate students working on their degrees, technicians and visiting scientists from a variety of institutions. Most of the research concerns the ecology of the adjacent salt marshes. Since Sapelo Island can only be reached by a daily ferry service, access to the island is restricted to people with business there. To visit the island you must obtain permission for the visit as well as permission to ride the boat several days in advance. As space, time and Institute regulations allow, we also try to provide for 23 non-scientific visits by family and friends of people working there as well as students who just want to see the place. People who do not have research projects at Sapelo must arrange their visit to coincide with someone who is known at the Institute and can act as host for your visit. Please check with Gracie Towsend (912-485-2221) at least two weeks before a trip to Sapelo Island. Personnel using the Marine Institute facilities are expected to acquaint themselves with and obey the rules and regulations of the Institute and the Department of Natural Resources. We need them more than they need us and Plant Biology personnel are expected to follow their rules.