Faculty: Professor of Plant Biology

Basic Information

Personal Website:
Miller Plant Sciences, Room 4510
Research Interests:

My main research interests focus on how to promote active learning and critical thinking in large introductory biology classes, and on the evolution of light signals in North American fireflies.

  • University System of Georgia, Board of Regents STEM Grant (2010-2011). PI. Do self-reported religious conflict and attitude affect student learning of evolution?
  • UGA Faculty Research Grant (2011- 2012). PI. Firefly research.
  • NSF FIRE (2011-2012). Senior personnel. Designing Transformative Assessments for Interdisciplinary Learning in Science.
  • NSF TUES (2011-2013). PI. Animated Case Studies In Science (ACSIS): Transforming Student Learning of Biology.
  • HHMI (2012-2015). Regional coordinator. Dissemination of Scientific Teaching through Summer Institutes: UGA Southeastern Regional Summer Institute.
  • UGA Faculty Research Grant (2009-2010). PI. Testing learning supports for critical thinking in large lecture classes.
  • University System of Georgia, Board of Regents STEM Grant (2008-2009). PI. Overcoming student resistance to critical thinking: testing the effect of exam format.
Selected Publications:

Ph.D. Animal Physiology, Eberhardt Karls Universitat Tubingen 1993

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